Dr. Joseph M Hildebrand DDS, PC   50154 Schoenherr Rd  Shelby Township,MI48315   (586) 731-9050
Dr. Joseph M Hildebrand DDS, PC
50154 Schoenherr Rd
Shelby TownshipMI 48315
 (586) 731-9050

Reviews Of Dr. Joseph M Hildebrand DDS, PC

4.87 23 Reviews
May 09, 2018

The staff was very helpful and efficient. Dr. Hildebrand out all my concerns to ease. Highly recommend!

Angela L. Marziano
Apr 16, 2018

They moved my appointment to a later time and I still sat in the waiting room for over an hour. �

Lidia K
Apr 02, 2018

I (Joe K.), after visiting a couple other oral surgeons, decided on Dr Hildebrand. Seems like he was extremely well qualified based on his credentials and how long he's been doing what he's been doing. Had a couple consultations with him and his staff. Beginning of January I had my oral surgery, with several extractions and 2 implants done. Afterwards I was given 3 prescriptions antibiotics and for pain, after a few hours I didn't even bother taking the pain killers because everything was fine (did take the antibiotics though). It's now end of March, I just had my last appointment a couple days ago and everything's been great. My dental implants came out perfect and I haven't had any issues with them at all. I feel like Dr Hildebrand did an excellent job and was very particular with how everything was done. Extremely happy with the doctor, he did everything he said he would do and the staff in his Shelby office has been great. I would highly recommend Dr Hildebrand

Briana Ramirez Esquivel
Apr 02, 2018

Hailey Susalla
Mar 11, 2018

From the minute I made my appointment to the minute I walked out of the door I had the best service. I was reminded of my appointment alot and even got in a lot earlier than I had expected. When I initially called to make my appointment, The front desk asked if I had wisdom tooth pain and when I said I did and how bad it was she was able to make me an appointment to my exact needs. I got them out on a Friday, early in the morning which was a great choice. the nurse I was with was such a great lady. We had great conversation and made the experience a lot less stressful and nerve wrecking. Dr. Hildebrand was very friendly and made sure I felt comfortable. He spoke with me and made sure I knew exactly what he was going to do and what I should expect. I never once felt uneasy and was very happy at the end of my procedure. The nurse actually walked me to my car and didn’t have my mom/sister do it on their own which was super nice. Bleeding followed as expected and was something I initially was scared of but I received gauze and guidelines on what to expect and do. I even got a call a couple hours after to see how I was doing, and that was for me, really great. There’s little to no swelling in my face and I’m already on my way to a quick heal, definitely a place I would recommend.

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